Our Services

Stone Work by Santo offers a wide array of services to homeowners, builders, developers, and many other clients. We partner with our clients from initial design and planning to installation and maintenance. Our focus is bringing your vision to reality. Explore our services to learn more about what we can do for you:
Stone Exterior Facades
Stone veneer has the ability to transform the look of any structure. Natural stone can help create a look that is rustic, formal, or contemporary. In addition, natural will create a look on a façade that is durable and will never look outdated.

Stone Paving
Natural stone paving can add beauty and durability to any walking surface. On patios, walkways, or porches natural stone paving provides a look that will be admired.

Stone Walls and Monuments
Stone walls can be both functional (for grading purposes) and are certainly decorative. Stone Work by Santo specializes is turnkey operations that will transform any landscape into a thing of beauty.

Interior Stone Fireplace Profiles
Natural stone can accent any décor.  Stone can help transform a room into any style imaginable.

Hardscape Stonework
Stone in one or a combination of applications (such as paving, monuments, or walls) can help integrate any outdoor environment in an aesthetically pleasing manner.